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Brisbane Polaris Aluminium Roller Shutter

Ultra Strong — Flat Slat Design—Exceptional Springing — Easy Operation

Brisbane Polaris Aluminium Roller Shutter

The Polaris 65mm Aluminium Roller Shutter provides ultra-strong protection to your shopfront. With its Superior flat slat design the Polaris shutter provides armour like protection to your store.

Designed to suit openings up to 4.0m high and up to 6.0 metres wide in a single span (maximum 16m²) , the Polaris as supplied by Prestige Doors is designed for a more modern look whilst providing a high level of security:

We have installed Polaris in a range of different locations; Shopping Centres, Hi Rise Buildings, Arcades, Sporting Complexes, Clubs, Bars.

Recommended Application

Although the applications for this product are near limitless there are a number of recommended places the Prestige Doors team would advise anyone to consider this type of shutter. The Polaris 65mm Aluminium Roller Shutter is suitable for; Security Car Parks, Shopping Centres, Arcades, Sporting Complexes, Clubs, Bars and counter Tops.


The Polaris curtain roller shutter may is made up of 65mm x 1.6mm thick extruded aluminium both ends of the Aluminium slat are fitted with specially shaped nylon moulded end clips to reduce friction during operation and prevent lateral movement within the guides.

Slotting of aluminium slats is available (95mm x 25mm @ 70mm spacings) and you have the added option of clear polycarbonate infills being fitted to reduce dust and add visibility where ventilation is not required.


Of course locking can be fitted to all doors. As standard procedure locking is centrally mounted to all Polaris doors within either the mid rail or the Bottom Rail.

To prevent accidental damage due to opening of the door when locked. Locking is not recommended when motorised doors are installed. Motors installed on the Polaris are more than sufficient to hold out intruders from lifting or manipulating the door to gain entry.


The Polaris can be either manually operated by hand or electrically operated. There is a wide range of control methods available with motorized doors and these can be discussed with the supplier.

Is fabricated from 148mm spiral ducted tube or 229mm spiral welded tube depending on operation. The assembly rotates on a 34mm steel shaft which is fitted with helical springs designed to counterbalance the weight of the doors throughout the doors operation cycle. These springs are designed to achieve a door which is easy to lift.

Motorisation Methods

The Polaris 65mm Aluminium shutter can be motorized with the use of a centrally mounted drum motor in low use areas. If an alternate solution is needed please contact us to explain your situation.


The Polaris 65mm Aluminium Roller Shutter is suitable for openings up to 6.mtrs wide and up to 4 mtrs high (maximum 16m²).


The Polaris 65mm Aluminium Roller Shutter is supplied standard in a Clear Anodised finish (Matt Natural), but can be powder coated as an option (Price available on request).