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Industrial roller shutters continue to be one of the most popular and effective type of industrial door, built to endure the toughest conditions and giving you the security and reliability you need from a roller shutter. They are mounted above a door or window and roll down either manually or with a motorised remote control or control panel to cover and protect the door or window. 

Roller shutters are typically made from either aluminium or steel, they come in a range of colours and patterns to complement your home or building.

Roller Shutter Repair and Install
Benefits of Roller Shutters Brisbane

The Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters come with numerous benefits for you and your home or building. Not only are they secure and insulating, but they also give you complete control and will save you money on energy consumption.

Roller shutters provide your home or building with exceptional security, because they are very closely fitted and cannot be pulled away. 55% of home break-ins are through unprotected windows, which the special operating and locking system of roller shutters can prevent. As well as being a physical deterrent, they also act as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders by looking so sturdy, secure and difficult to get in to. Once the roller shutter is closed it is almost impossible to open from the outside without the proper control system.

They also offer privacy, by insulating against noise and light and preventing people from seeing inside your windows. They come highly recommended for people who live in busy or noisy areas such as main roads or near airports, as they can reduce and control outside noise by up to 50%. And roller shutters provide privacy from outside eyes with optional perforation holes that will allow you to see outside and have natural light and airflow, but that can’t be seen through from the outside.

Roller shutters are filled with polyurethane insulation which is similar in style to the walls of a cool room, providing your home or building with an added layer of thermal insulation. Save on air conditioning bills in the hotter and cooler months with our shutters which can keep out up to 90% of the heat in summer, and up to 70% of the cold in winter.

Installing roller shutters on your home or building can also be an effective way to protect your windows and the inside rooms from weather and the elements. Roller shutters protect from storms, hail and strong wind, acting as a physical barrier against flying debris and fallen trees and having them on your window will also prevent the glass from being broken. They won’t rattle in extreme weather, and are built to withstand strong winds of 100km/h or more. They also offered increased protection from bushfires, as the CSIRO-tested roller shutters offer a protective barrier against radiating heat and ashes in the air and will prevent glass windows from exploding in the heat exposure.

Have complete control over the conditions in your home or building by controlling and maintaining the amount of light and noise that enters it. With the options to keep your roller shutters fully or partially open, you can adjust the light and ventilation to create a comfortable atmosphere at all times. Roller shutters will stop sunlight and harmful UV and infra-red waves from coming in and fading or damaging your carpets and furniture.

Lower your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint by regulating the temperature inside your home or building and lowering your power consumption by as much as 64% every year. A large majority of your hot and cold air conditioning is escaping from your home through the doors and windows, and our roller shutters can help prevent that and keep your inside temperature comfortable.

Repair and Servicing

As well as the installation of roller shutters, we also provide repair and maintenance services to all our customers. We can come out and just do a general check of your shutters, or we can fix any specific repairs or issues you may be having.

The services we offer include:

  • Checking guides and fixing brackets
  • Lubricating guides
  • Checking drum bearings and spring fixing bolts
  • Replacing damaged end clips on curtains
  • Checking and adjusting the tension
  • Checking the drive chain and adjusting it as required (for electric operated roller shutters only)
  • Minor straightening of slats, bottom rail and guides
  • Providing a written report on the door condition and any major repairs required
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Maintain Your Roller Shutters

Once you have your roller shutters installed, it is important to ensure they are properly and consistently maintained to help them last longer and continue to serve their purpose in your home rather than become a hazard to you and your family. The Prestige Doors team is happy to come out and service your shutters or repair any damages you may have to keep them in full working order for longer.

But, if you would personally like to keep your shutters in top condition, follow these simple maintenance tips.

One of our most common repairs concern unmaintained rollers, which is an easy thing to forget about but actually a very simple thing to take care of. Make sure the rollers are regularly oiled, this stops them from seizing up over time and become difficult to open and close. Greasing the bearings once a year will keep them running smoothly and lubricating the guide rail at the same time will keep the shutters opening and closing easily.

General and regular cleaning is very important to make sure your shutters last a long time. Remember to wipe any dirt, dust and grease off the surface of your shutters every few weeks to keep them operating smoothly, and every three months or so you should brush out the ventilation holes and hose down your shutters. You can also wash them with a sponge and a mild soap in warm water, to keep them free from dirt and debris.

Another important step is to ensure the guides that the shutters run along are clean and free from debris or rubbish by sweeping them out regularly, and also checking the mechanism area for leaves and dirt and sweeping them away.

While roller shutters are made from very durable materials, general wear and tear and the occasional repair will still be unavoidable. Keep an eye on your shutters and stay on top of any repairs that may be required, and get them resolved as soon as possible. Leaving damage unchecked will only result in it getting worse, which could lead to you needing to buy a whole new shutter – an expensive route that you wouldn’t want to have to take.

Be careful when using your shutters; open and close them with care, make sure the shutter doesn’t slam into the box on opening, and make sure it is firmly closed before locking it. These simple steps will ensure your roller shutters last longer and will operate to their full ability.

  • Avoid using abrasive or aggressive cleaners, solvents or methylated spirits on the surface or tracks. Also keep away from using steel wool, scrubbing brushes or scrapers, which can damage the enamel surface.
  • Do not use high-pressure systems to spray anything on the roller shutters, as they can damage the paint on the surface. A garden hose is sufficient when hosing down.
  • Do not spray water directly in the mechanism area or the head box. This can lead to the roller shutters malfunctioning.
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Brands we Install

Give us a call for further information about these brands or to discuss all your options or individual requirements.

Prestige Door Services have over 40 years’ experience installing, servicing, repairing and maintaining roller shutters all over Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our experienced and expert team are proud of our reputation for personalised service and professional approach to jobs, and you will be informed throughout the whole process to guarantee your satisfaction. We have a wide variety of different roller shutters made from the highest quality materials, to ensure that we are able to find the best style and fit for you and your home.

So whether you want the added security and privacy or just want to block out the sun, Prestige Doors have the knowledge and experience to help you get what you want out of your home or building

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