Shop Front Doors Brisbane

40+ Years Installing Shop Front Doors

Prestige Doors has had over 40 years in experience repairing and installing shop front doors throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Our shop front doors include:

  • Roller Shutters – loading docks and industrial estates
  • Fire Shutters – 2 hour and 4 Hour Rated
  • Clearspan
  • Gran Vue Glazed Roll-Up Doors (By Mirage Industries)
  • Gran Vue Multifold Sliding Door Products (By Mirage Industries)
  • Roller Grills
  • Security Grills
  • Sectional Doors including Aluminum Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Counterweight Hinged Doors
  • Aluminum Roller Shutters
  • Car park shutters and overhead doors inc logics for swipe card or auto access
  • Service and repair of all types of doors
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Shop Front

Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium shutters are a great way to secure your store. They are lightweight, strong, easy to use and keep your shopfront out of sight.

Available in a number of colours and virtually endless configurations, they are versatile enough to suit almost any shopfront application while giving you a nice, clean look and the security you need.

Clearspan Doors (Shutters) are a common security grille made predominantly for the retail industry. Fitting in well within shopping centers and malls. Almost like after-hours staff you only have to pay once Clearspan proudly displays your product range for you when you can’t be around to display it yourself. Made from sturdy polycarbonate material (the same material used in Aeroplanes!) Clearspan Doors have a high impact resistance. Making it difficult for any would-be thief to break into your store or displays – good news for you and your merchandise!

The folding closure is a folding door consisting of a number of small panels fitted with glass, grille aluminum/steel or polycarbonate. It is generally used for shop fronts tenancies, hotels, clubs and hospitals.

The doors are set upon an overhead roller track and is operated by hand with the option to either stack to one side or separate to be stored on both sides. A lock is generally placed in the center of biparted doors and on the end of one way closures.

The folding closure is a fantastic way to keep your shop front on display while keeping everything inside safe and secure. Generally being light and sliding sideways instead of up it can be operated by virtually anyone.